Instrumentation devices


  • 13Temperature gage - indector
  • Pressure gage
  • Deferential pressure gage
  • Digital panel meters
  • Level switches – indicator
  • Process control




MaxiFloTM ultrasonic flow meter series MU adopts a state-of-the-art, single-board technology featuring high precision, high reliability, high performance, low price, etc. that make it the ultrasonic flow meter of choice by many customers from all over the world.

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ABB Instrumentation


Our range of flow meters

18The widest choice of flow meters for liquids, gases and steam ABB offers one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of flow measurement products. Unrivalled in its models and scope of applications, ABB flow meters provide high-quality measurements in the water and waste water, chemical & petrochemical, oil &

gas, power, pharmaceutical, paper and food & beverage industries.

ABB Actuators & Positioners We offer a complete family of cutting-edge valve automation products to suit your needs

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